About Julz

Julz's Creations, LLC is a woman owned and operated business out of Durham, North Carolina. I create small batch, artisan hot sauces, pickles, mustard, Chicago style giardiniera, and bbq sauce utilizing North Carolina grown produce.


Do you really make everything?
I used to get this question at pop up markets all the time.  Yes!

I manufacture all of the hot sauces, bbq sauces, mustard, Chicago style giardiniera, and pickles myself. I created and maintain the website, I create the label designs, I deal with all state and federal food business regulations, I ship or hand deliver wholesale orders, I attempt marketing, and I personally attend all pop up markets (if I had the budget to hire a brand ambassador, it would be someone a lot more professional looking than me, lol!). 

As you might guess, because it's just little ol' me, my product runs are very small batch.  My husband is my muscle.  I can't put up that 10 x 10 pop up canopy alone! He's also my chief taste tester.

Where do you get your produce?  Is it organic?
I source produce primarily from the NC State Farmer's Market, Durham Farmer's Market, and South Durham Farmer's Market.  I've had great success finding beautiful North Carolina grown hot peppers through Ronnie Moore's Fruits and Veggies, Honey Bee Hills Farm, and other farmers. I've used a variety of farmers for my pickling cucumbers and onions. I also buy North Carolina made molasses and honey (used in my hot sauces and bbq sauce).  Some of the produce I use does happen to be certified organic, but this isn't something I seek out.  I believe in buying local and supporting NC farmers. I am a member of GoToBeNC.

Just some of the hot peppers at Ronnie Moore's farm booth
Check out a great article about them here!


Are your products vegan?
My bread and butter and dill pickles, Chicago style giardiniera, mustard, original hot sauce, Little Mystical, and Corpse Reviver hot sauce are vegan. My other hot sauces contain honey.  My bbq sauce contains anchovies (from the Worcestershire sauce).

Are your products gluten free?
My hot sauces, bread and butter pickles and dill pickles are gluten free. My BBQ sauce is not.

How hot is your hot sauce?
My hottest hot sauce is pretty freakin hot!  The primary ingredient by weight in all of my hot sauces are the hot peppers themselves.  I never add extract. It's challenging to try to gauge other people's tolerance level. At pop up events folks who taste test have wildly different reactions to even my original hot sauce (from "oh that's like a salsa" to "omg that lady's sauce is so hot!!").  I think even chileheads can appreciate the spice level of my sauces.

Where can I find your products beyond the website?
I occassionally sell at pop up markets around the Durham area and I'm also in some stores now! Check out the list here.

I live in your area and want to buy something. Do you deliver?
Yes!  If you live in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area I can deliver your products to your doorstep for free. When checking out on the website just choose local pickup as your delivery option.

Do you ever do custom orders?

Yes! Gift baskets, custom hot sauce gift boxes, mini bottles! Find out more info here.


Packaging materials. Whenever possible, I try to reuse mailing boxes and packing peanuts. I do this for two reasons: I have a lot of boxes laying around and only using these boxes once is just silly and wasteful. Most of the packing peanuts I use are the ones I receive from deliveries from glass companies with my empty bottles. These packing peanuts are compostable, so feel free to reuse them or throw them in your compost. I also break down mailing boxes as extra insulation/cushioning for my products within the box and on the top of the box. It may not look the "prettiest" but I really am just trying to ensure your glass jars and bottles arrive intact!


About me


My name is Julie (Julz is my nickname). I am originally from the Midwest but have lived in Durham, NC since 2008 and love North Carolina. My background is in research and evaluation in criminal justice (I have my PhD in Social Psychology) so this whole food business thing is a bit off the rails from that. I enjoy working for myself, being creative, and being part of a community of small business entrepreneurs. Durham is very supportive and folks here love to buy local. Support your local businesses!


I've created a new page just for recipes!