Dragon's Breath Hot Sauce [11/10 heat]

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This may very well be my hottest hot sauce to date.  Officially, the Carolina reaper is the hottest pepper, but unofficially the dragon’s breath pepper is hotter (2 million SHU for the reaper to 2.48 million SHU for the dragon’s breath).  And this sauce is FULL of dragon’s breath peppers.  Eat at your own risk.

Ingredients:  local chiles:  jalapeño, dragon's breath, reaper; distilled vinegar, local onion, salt, local honey, garlic

Heat level: like I said, 11/10, easy

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Customer Reviews

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terry wilkie

Not as hot as Hellfire but still top shelf products.

Terrance McCann
Pretty good

The "11/10" heat rating was a great selling point, but I feel like I would have to drink some of it to feel "the full burn" or whatever. It didn't even provide pain during digestion. It's definitely many times Tabasco

Jon Mitchell
terrific sauce

The flavor and heat are great. I wish it was straight Dragons breath pepper though. the ingredients say carolina reaper as well and it tasted very much like reaper to me.

High praise

This sauce brings the goods and does not disappoint on any level. Shout out to Reaper's Scythe and The Devil's Backdoor Trots, welcome to flavor land!

Nick Aad

I'm a big fan of hot sauces - around 40 or so in the 'fridge as we speak - and this one is phenomenal. The heat is around a 7 or 8/10 for me, with 10/10 being something like The Bomb or the One-Chip Challenge. The flavor is also amazing - great on Caribbean food, burgers, pizza, and sandwiches. Definitely gonna grab a second bottle.