You’re My Boy, Blue! Sweet Spicy Mustard [1/10 heat]

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I'm so excited to announce that my mustard placed second in the mustard category of the 2021 International Flavor Awards!

I originally made this product for Pepperfest 2020, but my husband and others loved it so much I decided to bring it to market. It’s sweet, mustardy, and has a tiny kick. It would be fabulous on hot dogs and burgers, and as a dip for soft pretzels. It would also be tasty to toss wings in. 

Ingredients: local banana peppers, distilled vinegar, granulated sugar, prepared mustard, ClearJell, salt, white pepper.


4 and 8 ounce jars. 

This mustard is named for my rescue miniature poodle mix, Blue (Joseph “Blue” Pulaski). He passed a few years ago from cancer. He was seven when we adopted him and we had seven great years with him. He was my little man. We adopted him from 2 Paws Up